measuring black point on a canvas

I’ve just measured my first canvas material for quite some time. It’s a glossy canvas and we have printed with photo black. Everything seems OK with the profile when I’ve done some test prints, except for the black point. The blacks are pretty weak. I use an i1Pro2 to measure the test charts. Would love to compare these measurements with an instrument with a polarizing filter to see if it’s the specular reflections that affect my reading?

But as I don’t have such a meter, is there a work around to get a better black point with my spectro?

I have not heard of a good work-around for canvas material.

Blacks are going to necessarily be somewhat weak with canvas. Polarized measurements would give you more shadow detail, but not necessarily richer, deeper blacks.

I once heard of a guy with an i1Pro profiling matte papers, who would spray the printed target with a “clear” topcoat of some kind before measuring. This would give the darker patches a deeper look - and they would measure darker. When this measurement was baked into a profile, he said that this gave him more shadow detail. But you’ve already got a glossy canvas to start with, so this is not likely to help in your situation.