Measuring CRI - Color Rendition Index.

Hi, I recently purchased a set of light sources for proofing my color prints. They are supposed to have a higher than 90 color rendition index (CRI). I was wondering if there is any software out there (open source or not, ideally for mac) that might allow to measure the CRI using an xRite spectrophotometer. Any suggestions? I know prior version of xRite software use to allow for this kind of measurement. Thanks so much.

i1Share used to give you a CRI number, but I have not heard of anything that does this today. You can always use your spectro to measure the color of light and see how close it is to the Kelvin temperature you’re aiming for. But that’s not the same thing as a high CRI index, since you can have identical Kelvin temperatures that are made up of different spectral makeup.

Thanks Patrick for your response. X-Rite confirmed they no longer measure this through their software. I found a software that using an i1Pro can measure CRI, but I have not yet made the investment. Based on the provider tech support, the does measure among other things, the CRI. BabelColor CT&A, more specifically its ISO 3664+ tools: … 3664-1.htm

Try also the Lighting tool of SpectraShop. It computes

CRI General Rendering Index
CRI Special Rendering Index
CQS New color index from NIST
CQS Gamut Area Index
Simulated sample patches for CRI and CQS
∆Eab values for all patches
Export CRI and CQS values to a text file



Thanks so much. I had not come across this tool. Appreciate it. m.

ArgyllPro for android smartphones can enable you to get CRI measurements. You need a USB OTG(on-the-go) adapter so you can plug in a supported colorimeter or spectrophotometer.