Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet not working

I have an old CRT monitor (Philips 107X4) since 2002. Lately, I noticed that although the brightness and contrasts sliders are set to 100%, the output of the screen is very dark.

I tried to change the default ICC profile from Windows XP Display Properties, with a brighter one (sRGB Color Space Profile looks ok in Photoshop) but I couldn’t see ANY DIFFERENCE.
Then, I did the same from Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet, but again no difference…

The default profile is named vivid17.icm and my graphics card is a nVidia 6660GT AGP

My last solution was to adjust the color settings from the nVidia Control Panel, but I could not achieve a satisfactory result, so I want to change the color profile if it’s possible.

Any help?

(sorry for my bad english)

First off, you might check to see if your monitor has a reset button. Sometimes these old display have something that will set it back to factory defaults, and when you activate it it will bring new life into the display.

Changing the display in Windows display properties will only tell the operating system which profile to use the next time it reboots. In order to get instant feedback on the profile change you should use the Color Control Applet. Not sure why you wouldn’t see a change when you did that.

To troubleshoot the issue, try changing to a profile that you know is very bad and see if that makes a difference. (To get a profile that is bad, try calibrating your colorimeter poorly if possible, and don’t let it read the correct colors, hold it away from the screen, put filters between it and the screen, that sort of thing. Sounds like a fun project!)

We should have some weird display profiles around CHROMiX. ‘:?’
Contact me if you need one.

I have this problem:

Why is every monitor 2 times in the list? Because of that the program is loading wrong settings with the command line parameter /L.