MonacoPROFILER and Connecting to DTP70 & Eye-One

I hope I am posting this in the proper location. If there is a better place, please advise.

My attempts to get my Verizon/Motorola phone to download files via Bluetooth with BitPim has left my MonacoPROFILER unable to connect to my DTP70 and my Eye-One.

I have a PowerBook running OS X 10.4.9. The problem is consistent with all user accounts. Spectros work with ProofMaster, ToolCrib and Eye-One Share on the PowerBook. Spectros and MonacoPROFILER work on other computers.

In MonacoPROFILER, in the Select Device screen, I see something odd. Normally the Connection Port is blank, but instead it says “Bluetooth-PDA-Sync”. This field is greyed out and unaccessible which is normal. When it’s time for MonacoPROFILER to connect to the devices it is unable to connect.

I have zapped the PRAM and reset the NVRAM. Bluetooth is off (I have tried with it on too). I need to undo whatever BitPim has done. MonacoPROFILER thinks that “Bluetooth-PDA-Sync” is the USB port.

In /Apple Menu/System Preferences/Bluetooth/Sharing/ I have “Bluetooth-PDA-Sync” unchecked (tried that checked on too).

Any suggestions on how to undo what BitPim has done to my Bluetooth & serial port configurations?

Just installed Monaco Profiler 4.8 on an Intel MacBook running 10.4.9 and I noticed the same issue…connection port is set to Bluetooth-PDA-sync for my i1-pro (don’t have a DTP-70). I did get the i1 to connect, despite the inability to choose the correct connection port for output profiling. If simply proceeding to the “read patches” stage doesn’t automatically search and connect your i1, try first launching the monitor profiling module (here the connection port is set to USB, and I had no issues connecting my i1pro), then after establishing a connection, proceed to the Output profiling module (not sure what you would do about the DTP-70 though). It’ll still read “bluetooth”, but I was able to connect, calibrate and measure. I did have a few crashes since installation under 10.4.9…eternal-spinning-beach-ball-of-death kind of thing, but I did get it to work eventually. If all else fails, call Xrite…there is an issue here.

Thanks Michael!

I think I’ll spare X-Rite the phone call. The issue was between my ears! :slight_smile:

At least partly.

I somehow got the Bluetooth-PDA-sync thing to go away with some random late night hacking. This allowed my Eye-One to connect but not the DTP70. My DTP 41 connected all along. But the DTP70 still didn’t connect.

To cut to the chase, the MonacoPROFILER on my PowerBook must have been put there by restoring from a backup. A few months ago the hard drive failed on it. I don’t think I’ve used MonacoPROFILER on the PowerBook since then. At least since I bought the DTP70. I downloaded the installer and started with a fresh install. Now it works.

However, my random hacking managed to change “Bluetooth-PDA-sync” to “Gary-1”, which is a BlueTooth modem port BitPim creates. But just like you experience, it all now works anyway.

There may be an issue here. But not what I thought it was.

I am buying two new Intel Mac Pros soon. I’m curious to see how my stability with MonacoPROFILER will compare with yours.