monitor calibration confusion

I have some confusion & few question so I am posting here.

If a crt native is around 9300K & the LCD native is 6500K will they show same results of a netural grey or not? I am trying to match my CRT with my laptop but either one wont show good results when I try to change the white point.

If I calibrate 2 different CRT monitors one on 6500 & another 9300 will they show the netural grey same (I guess not) so what is the white point setting doing in reality. IF the software shows & creates profile on any temperature are we sticking to 6500 because its closer to daylight, if so why do some monitors come at 9300 setting & they dont work good on 6500 setting.

I am asking this because I read somewhere that the monitor will display best when set to its native color temp.

bump :confused: can anyone answer this?

If you have good display profiles, they will appear the same INSIDE ICC aware applications but not outside of such applications. Photoshop will use each display profile to produce a unique compensation for the preview so the same set of numbers produce the same color appearance.

On a CRT, you CAN control the white point by adjusting the RGB electronics so you can (and should) attempt to lower that native white point from CCT 9300K. You can’t do that on an LCD using Fluorescent backlight since there’s nothing to adjust.