Monitor Calibration/Profile proble with G5

I’m having a strange problem with color managing a Sony 24" CRT monitor on a G5 Dual machine. We are currently on OS 10.3.8, but the problem has been around for several releases.

Initial monitor calibration and profiling was accomplished using ProfileMaker 4.1.5 without incident. When it came time to recalibrate, however, the final image on screen is too contrasty and the highlight detail is posterized with no detail in the highlights (e.g., the subtle background shading in the System Preferences panel is not visible). It is almost like two profiles are fighting it out or a filter is applied. The “factory” profile acts the same way.

Subsequently, I calibrated and profiled a second user account and that account looks fine (so the monitor and video card are ok). When I selected the profile generated for the second account for the first account, it still looks bad. I can even switch back and forth between accounts and it’s like night and day (both having the same settings in the Displays control panel).

I could transfer all the user information from one account to the other, but this would be a royal pain–and there’s no guarantee that the problem would not reemerge when its due for a recalibration.

I would really appreciate any assistance to solve this perplexing problem.