Monitor Color Profile/Color Management Screen - Spyder 3 Cal

Hi There,

I am hoping someone here may be able to assist…

I was recalibrating my monitors and reinstalling video drivers and found that after calibrating my second display(Laptop) it then has an entry in the advanced settings for the monitor as per the picture.

Is this correct?, should it be there?


Hi Dan,

If you’ve just finished recalibrating, then the profile you just made for your laptop should be in this place. Is Laptop-201009 the name you gave to your profile?


After trying Datacolor support I got the answer. Didnt expect to much but they were pretty good and fast response.


Unfortunately because you are running Windows XP you will only be able to load a single profile onto your video card at any one time.
This is a limitation of Windows XP and where as it only supports the use a a single LUT(look up table) on a video card. The LUT is where a monitors icc profile is located. Regardless if the video card supports dual LUTs and dual displays Windows XP can only use one LUT at a time. Thus in XP the only way to have dual displays with there own separate profiles is to use two video cards. Which is unfortunately not an option for you as you are using a laptop. Both Vista and Windows 7 do not have such a limitation.

I assume that the BenQ is the display you would like to have profiled.
To reset display settings please start up the Spyder3Pro software and in the Menu bar select: Go/Edit Display Information
Now you should be able to start over and select your BenQ as the display with which the profile will be created for.

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions.

Hello everyone
Thanks to all of you to give important information about colour profile ,I also didn’t know about the Windows XP will only be able to load a single profile onto our video card at any one time. after assume AU_Daniel i have use Ben Q and it work
Thanks again all of you