Monitor emission calibration

Hi-I am new to the field of color measurement and I apologize if I’m in the wrong forum. I am trying to measure LAB colors from a monitor using a spectrolino probe and then convert them to sRGB for display. I am having trouble with the calibration for the spectrolino under the emission setting (which is suggested for measuring monitors). The software will only accept the mounted white paper patch for calibration (typically used for the reflection setting). This calibration appears gray, rather than white on the screen. The monitor color measurements following this calibration then all appear quite different from the original colors. I thought this maybe due to the calibration, since it would make sense to use a monitor for the calibration-but the software does not seem to like that. Are there any suggestions for a better calibration or other methods for getting a better match between the original monitor color and the measured monitor color?

I know this is quite an old post but I think maybe this might be helpful
a little. I actually do not understand your question exactly, so please understand
if it goes awry a litle.

First when you measure monitor colors with Spectrolino or Eye-One Pro
and MeasureTool, you must first calibrate your monitor to 100 cd/m2 and
5000K. Otherwise, Lab values will not be meaningful.

Secondly, why did you use white paper patch for calibration? It does not
seem to be a good idea. Just calibrate on the white reference as usual.