Not sure where to put this - I’ve been a commercial heat-set pressman for over 22 yrs, have mourning bands on the outside edge(s) of plates non-image area to help control ink/water balance.
Has anyone here worked with these before ? I would like some more info regarding this technique, trying to “sell-it” to my pressmen to use.


We use them on all of our web jobs. Ours is a 30% tint on every plate, and it comes onto the paper 1/4 inch.

My understanding is that it cuts back the amount of water on the plate beyond the width of the paper, where it has nothing to take it away. The only time we dont use them is when there is a different color in the top and bottom of the same unit, to prevent contamination.


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Yeah I thought so, sometimes I’m a little bit of a loss for words to describe things.

On a side note, I worked at Allied Printing (Manchester,CT) for 9 yrs. I believe some people came from LPT - Helmut Soell, Scott Taffaro, Hamlet (I forget his last name)

You may have heard of them or not, oh well, thanks again.