mouse in CTpro pop-ups

Is anyone else having problems with the pop-up dialog windows in CTpro since the latest OSx update? In the pop-ups for things like “save colorlist” or “add/apply profile” I’m unable to use anything but the TAB, , and ESC keys.
I’ve already reported this to Chromix, but I’m curious whether anyone else is seeing this.

Yes, I am having the same exact problem! I have ColorThink Pro on both my laptop and desktop computers. The one on my laptop is 3.0.1b18 and has the problem you describe. The desktop has plain 3.0 and does not have this problem.

Laptop is running 10.5.2 and I had to install the newest beta because the 3D graphing was coming out weird and the newest beta fixed it. Desktop is running 10.4.11 and graphs fine so I did not update.

Where’s 3.0.1b19??

-Todd Shirley

Yes, we have seen this, it is reproducible and appears to have something to do with how Leopard handles “sheets”. It is a current, active bug and we are working on a fix for it. I will say as an aside that Steve is on Leopard himself, and personally knows the pain you’re going through! I don’t think we can wait for Apple to (hopefully) fix this in 10.5.3 - but we’ll have to come up with a fix on our end.

This has been fixed as of Beta 3.0.1b20.