My recommended: free software

I recommend the free software
with DispcalGUI for ArgyllCMS

and with chromatically coordinates white point (recommended) is:
x: 0.326
y: 0.336
for accurate Whitepoint

I have spent a few weeks working with the Windows version of argyllcms via the command line. With what I now know I’ll give the GUI a try.

The results compared with those of i1Profiler are such as to wonder why X-Rite remain so obstinate in their refusal to offer CMY only profiling.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty then argyllcms is a powerfull choice for handling the jobs other tools cannot do.

I haven’t quite got it mastered as it takes a little time to experiment and learn how to utilise the variety of options available at each stage of the process. Actually I think I am still ‘painting the fence’ but the results are better than achieved with i1Profiler and its inflexible user interface…