NEC PA241: which calibrator?

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post so be kind :slight_smile: I am ready to pull the trigger on a new NEC PA241. My question is this: I have a monaco Optix XR(DTP-94) and a ColorMunki. Both are compatible with the NEC Spectraview2 software…I think. The Optix XR is listed with an “*” and I can’t figure out why? To be honest I’m getting sick of buying new Profiling hardware with each new monitor. So should I:
Use the Optix XR with NEC spectraview software?
Use the ColorMunki with ColorMunki software?
Or buy the Spectraview version with a whole new setup?

Thanks so much!


Use the ColorMunki with SpectraView software for best results (not the ColorMunki software). It is compatible with the SpectraView software. The Munki is a spectrophotometer device. It will also be more effective than most low cost colorimeter devices at measuring a wide gamut monitor like the PA241W.

Rick Hatmaker

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