Proud new owner of one of these beauties…

I bought the package of monitor and SpectraView II software and "MDSVSENSOR"puck- which is an X-rite Eye One Display 2.

I’m using the the monitor for a Photoshop workstation in a single-display setup. It’s connected to an ATI 5870 via Displayport to mini-Displayport in a 2010 Mac Pro running 10.6.7 and CS5.
I’ve installed the SpectraView software and calibrated the monitor for the first time to the “Photo Editing” setting.

NEC offers several free apps for this display: “NaviSet” and “MultiProfiler”. From the literature, both seem redundant to the SpectraView II software. Is there any additional capability I might want to use from those 2 apps?

I’m not sure what NaviSet does, but I have looked at Multiprofiler in some detail.

The main distinction between MP and SPII is that MP does not use a measurement instrument. You just tell it what settings you want it to hit, and it will adjust the internal graphics to simulate that color space. This is all done on the basis of the factory calibration of the monitor. I guess the theory is when you start with a really high quality factory measurement of the monitor, you can then translate that into any other color space you want - and that will do a better job (at least initially) than a calibration using the common ~ $200 colorimeter (which might degrade over time, be inconsistent from month to month, etc.)

Personally, I am a little suspicious of how well this kind of calibration will hold up over time. Monitors drift, and I would imagine the factory calibration will eventually no longer be valid.

Another thing you get with MP is the ability to emulate another profile - even a printer profile. So you can basically set up your display to softproof your printer. And this function covers the entire screen; not just limited to Photoshop.

Thank you Patrick.

I suspected as much about MultiProfiler- sort of like a really advanced software calibration of monitor…
I plan to continue exclusively with the SpectraView method until or unless I see the need for a more advanced solution.