Need a 'Tag' swapped

I need to know if someone can swap a media white point tag from one profile to another for me. I downloaded ColorThink for Mac but in Demo mode this cannot be performed. Can anyone help me out?

Yes, you’re right - the demo version of the software allows you to see how it all works with demo files, but some features like this tag swapping are not enabled.

I’d be happy to move some tags arround for you. Send me an email with the profiles included.

For others reading this thread, this is one of the many secret little features of ColorThink Pro. In the Profile Inspector, you can open up the tag tables from two different profiles and click & drag one to another or delete tags. This can be useful if you want to try out a different white point, or build strange profiles for testing. We use this feature to move our copyright into profiles we make, and for making our stunt profiles. People also use this to delete unnecessary tags (inserted by profile editors) or those that increase the filesize of the profile.

This can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. See the warning in the colorwiki manual: … ofile_Tags