need some help, looking for work!

I am in need of a new position. As some of you know I am a Color Management Specialist and trainer, based out of Southern California. I live in Orange County but have traveled all over; Canada, Mexico, and most of the USA.
I am versed in BestColor, AbsoluteProof, StarProof, ProfileMaker, Monaco, and Colorburst. I have an extensive background in training which encludes the above mentioned software solutions and color separations through LinoColor and CREO scannig solutions.
I am seeking a position with either a printing company or a manufacturer. I am willing to travel but, not to relocate.
If any of you have any leads I surely would appreciate hearing from you. Winter is a miserable time to be unemployeed.
Thanks, one and all, for your consideration. I can send you a resume upon request.