Need to re-install Adobe Gamma Loader

I need to restore my LCD to original Adobe Color Management and not make Monaco my default.
I need to re-instal Adobe Gamma Loader and make my default(disable Monaco Optix). How do I do this?

Simply un-install Monaco using the uninstaller that installed with the software, then re-install Adobe Gamma from one of your Adobe software CD’s.

Is this a Mac or PC?

Windows XP…Do you know if I can select Adobe Gamma without un-installing all of Photo Shop Elements? I haven’t checked myself yet. Don’t know whetehre PSE has custom install that will allow me to select certain features.

I don’t remember Adobe Gamma having it’s own uninstall… but then again I’ve only a small amount of experience with Adobe products on a PC.

I’ve never used Photoshop Elements, nor have I seen the installer.

Sorry I couldn’t help more!

The Adobe Gamma is deleted in the Monaco setup but not uninstalled. Requests to Monaco for help re-installing Adobe opens a whole new “ball of wax”. They tell me I must uninstall PSE then re-install it.
Thanks for your help!