Newbie question with Delta E

Hello, I am trying to evaluate a few colour lists in a worksheet. I adjusted the sliders to 0.5, 1 and 6 respectively. First off, it is difficult with the box not being expandable but my real issue is that everything shows up as yellow.

As most colours are below 0.5 I would expect the list to be green with the odd yellow but everything is yellow. Any pointers to what I am doing wrong would be most welcome.


Doesn’t look like this is functioning properly, as I can duplicate the issue here. Items that are under 0.5 delta E appear green when the lower limit is set to 1 dE, but turn yellow when this is changed to 0.5.

I feel better to know that it’s not just me betting dense. Does that mean that it will be fixed sometime soon. Right now, that is a feature that I would love to have working :smiley:

I dunno…I don’t work for Chromix. :wink: You can submit a bug report.

As a work around, you could always save your delta E list from ColorThink, open it in Excel and use conditional formatting to color the cells based on there value.

There you go! It takes a newbie to find a bug in ColorThink that all of us veterans have missed all this time. I thought we had most of them nailed down by now. It’s probably some sort of rounding error. Good find! I will create a Feedback / Bug report for you, and YES we will work at fixing this in a future version of the software.

Great, thanks.