no slicer option

I do not seem to have the “slicer” option in my graph control window.
Anyone else seem to have this issue?

If you’re sure it’s not hiding under another window, or on a secondary monitor or somewhere, then we have a procedure for deleting your preferences file.

ColorThink remembers how big your windows were and where they were placed the last time you had it open - so that you don’t have to keep resetting them the way you like it. But if something strange happens and you “lose” a window, the way to get it back is to reset everything to the default. Let me know if you need this.

Are you on a Windows machine or a Mac?

I’m on a mac, running OS X 10.6.2

Here’s how to delete your preferences file for ColorThink Pro. When you do this, the application will automatically create a new preferences file the next time you open the app, and your window locations will default to their originalpositions.

When you delete your preferences file, you will also be deleting where your username and serial number are stored - so you’ll want to make sure you have this information handy so you’ll be able to put it in when prompted.

You will find the preferences file here:

Mac HD>(user)>Library>Preferences> Chromix ColorThink>Chromix ColorThink2 Pro Prefs.