nominal densities for printing targets

I would like to implement color managed workflow for Roland 700. Problem is that I don’t know how to determine nominal densities for process colors which give widest gamut and effective color management (i need density values which i’m going to use for printing targets). I’m sure there’s a method to find out nominal densities for each paper we’re using. Roland 700 is in good condition, equipped with CCI so printing conditions are stable.
Another thing is that I’m not sure wether system brunner control strip should be color managed or not. Can anybody give some advice for successful sheetfed offset color management?

The optimum density for any paper on which you print is the density specified by the specification to which you run.

You do run to some specification, don’t you? SWOP or another GRACoL specification?

The density of the ink on paper is only a small piece of the puzzle when the gamut is considered. Your inks play a MUCH larger role.

If you’re not using an industry-standard specification, it’s all up in the air and you’ll have to plot the Lab values of your primaries and secondaries at various density levels on various papers to find your “widest” gamut. You’ll probably find that no matter what you do, you can’t affect the gamut reliably or effectively by simply modifying solid ink densities.

That’s not even to mention the mess you’ll have on your hands when it comes time to investigate your dot gain and you’re over-extending your press to get that “wider” gamut.

My advice is to stick to the specs. Run SWOP and work on your ink vendors to get you higher-quality inks at a better price.