Norton Utilities crashing ColorThink under 10.3.x

From: Patrick
Hi. When I try and graph in 2D or 3D I get an error saying " an exception of class Nilobject exception was not handled. Application must shut down." This was happening every time but has just managed not to do it once! Is this something you have seen. I’m sure its my Mac and not Colorthink but if you have any ideas I would be grateful. I haven’t actually tried any remedies yet.
Mac G4 OS 10.3.7.

Hi Patrick,

Are you running Norton Utilities?

Neil Barstow and I have been trouble-shooting this problem and have recently come up with a culprit: Norton Utilities “Auto Protect”. (thanks Neil for all the help!).

If you are running Norton’s, please try turning off Auto Protect and see if the problem goes away.

I am working on this end to find out what is actually happening and see if we can solve it or find a different work-around.

I am also cross-posting this email to our ColorThink support forum on our newly-announced ColorForums site. (



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