numeric gamut volume!

Hi, i have a project in school, and i have to create 3 ICC profiles for 3 diferrent types of paper. I did that sucesfully, and i can view 2D and 3D gamut of my profiles in ColorThink. I’m wondering, is there a way to view numeric gamut volume in ColorThink? if so, i can’t find where.
At this link … ic=44772.0 i see that it’s posibble, but u just can’t find where!
Thx for helping!

P.S sorry for my english

Gamut Volume is reported at the bottom of the Overview tab of the Profile Inspector window. However, I believe this is only in ColorThink Pro, not in ColorThink 2.2


Yes, that’s obviously my problem, im using version 2.3. are they any free gamut viewer programs to view numeric gamut volume?

Thx for quick reply.

ICCView allows you to upload and compare ICC profiles, also reporting gamut volume of the profiles.


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