Older LaCie Blue Eye Calibrator

A friend of mine sent me here to see if anyone can help me out… :confused:

I just acquired a used LaCie Electron 19 Blue III Monitor, and with it I got the Blue Eye Calibrator. (It’s about 7 years old.) The former owner was a Mac User and so the calibrator software is for a Mac. I run a PC with WinXP SP2. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Windows software?

An observation if I may… both devices are dangerously old. At 7 years old, this means thatitsluminance level is probably too low to be usable for any color critical viewing purposes, the glass has no-doubt browned from age and environmentals (affecting highlights and shadows), and the phosphor has significantly aged also. The bottom line is that this monitor can cause serious problems for you when viewing color.

The Blue-Eye device also will be showing its age and will have deviated fromitsoriginal factory white point setting. This can also cause significant problems when measuring.

My advice is to NOT use these products for color viewing decisions.

That aside, you may need to contact LaCie Technical Support for a version that is compatible with these older devices, but in reality, they may not provide this in any case<https://www.lacie.com/us/mystuff/login.htm?rtn=newticket>

In case you want to experiment, here are the recent Blue Eye software downloads from LaCie:

LaCie Blue Eye Pro software:

LaCie Blue Eye II software:

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Rick… thanks for the input. I did finally get a hold of a tech at LaCie who said the Blue Eye “Pro” software will probably work and sent a link to download it. I have done that, installed it, and calibrated the monitor tonight. It works really great now. For the first time my printer produces what is on my monitor screen. I know it’s old, but it just needs to last long enough for me to get to a place where I can afford a new one.

Link to the Blue Eye Pro software:
lacie.com/download/blueeye/b … _v4-PC.zip

I also have a Mac Software CD that came with my calibrator if anyone needs it.

hi! i’m sorry for pushing this thread, but i would need the mac version of this blue eye pro software.

thx for helping.


You can generally download the Blue Eye software from the LaCie site. It’s a good idea to check this out once in a while too because they occasionally come out with updates. (Their latest update was in November of 2009.)