OneRun targets

I have upgraded to Curve3 and I have VPR option; I want to test the OneRun targets that include the IT8.7/4 or the HutchColor HC2052F and the P2P25 in a single target.
I been looking for this special targets but still can’t find them for download.

As Curve3 user, how or where I can get this targets for use on the iSis and the iO?

Also, what software can I use to read the targets? (i1 Profiler would be preferred).


Hi Xavier,

Good question! Apparently this has not been very obvious - how to get your hands on some OneRun targets. The best place to start is at the ColorWiki page:

There you will find a couple of download links for several OneRun targets. I know there’s one in there that includes a reference file for i1Profiler and goes with a iSisXL target that includes the HC2052 target. It is also possible to use MeasureTool and Colorport to create and measure OneRun targets.

Here’s a link to more information on the OneRun targets, for others who might be interested: … snid=50192