ONYX 7.0 production hoouse Ink limits/resrictions

OK… I’m rather new to the building/creating ICC profiles, I’ve only been doing for a few months since we’ve upgraded (if you can call it that) to Production House 7.0.

I’ve been struggling with the Ink limit and Ink restriction swatches. I’m not quite sure how to read them properly. I’ve read that these are very iomportant step in creating a sucessful profile.

Normally I leave the Ink resrictions where they are unless they looked oversaturated.

And the Ink restriction swatch I normally adjust down alittle if I notice puddling and artefacting…

Now this can’t be all there is to it!

I recenty created a profile for my Mimaki JV3-160sp for a gloss vinyl at a 720-1440 resolution. The colors look ok but the ink saturation is way off. I’ve been moving the ink resriction and limit values around but I’m just doing it by feel.

Can some help with any suggestions.

I might add that I don’t even have the 7.0 profiling guide I have the 6.5 version which uses a different ink limit print.

Bill Keays

I’ve had no trouble profiling our photo printer, but have experienced similar problems getting good ink limits on our inkjet printers. Onyx support tells me that version 7.1 is coming out soon and will support the iSis reader (which we just purchased).

The iSis has produced much more reliable readings than I got with my eye-one–and a whole lot faster!

Look for version 7.1, Onyx seems to make the process less painful with each release.

7.1 is probably about a month or so out. We’re currently testing RC1, and it’s been rock solid for me so far. Can’t comment on the iSis reader, but I’ll look in the notes and see what it says. Thanks!

So, Question.

When profiling a new media:
Print out the ink limits - Use the specro. to “measure” the information -

Now what numbers should I be looking for when I do the measurements, this is where it gets confusing for me.

I hear some people eyeball the measurements.

Is there somewhere I can look to find out what numbers I should be reading for a “great” profile?