Onyx 7.2 PDF ripping problem

Hey Guys -
I’ve been searching and experimenting for the past two days and have read all the threads about ripping to an Onyx Rip on this and other forum sites as well. Hopefully one of you guys can help me out!
I have Onyx 7.2.059 Printhouse Rip/HPZ6100 printer

Please follow me… My client sends us very simple InDesign documents that we have to output signage/backlits from. Basically each sign is set up the same, purple background in InDesign with a “placed” psd image. There are NO effects added to the placed image. When I make the PDFX1a it looks great on my screen, then I rip it to our Onyx. When I view/preflight the file I can see very faintly the “placed” image box, it’s a bit lighter than the rest of the background and when it prints the box is a shade or two lighter than the background. It’s like the transparent “placed” image is really not transparent.

I have tried creating different types of PDFs, I’ve tried all the transparency suggestions I have read about but with no luck… the only thing that does work is recreating in Photoshop or pulling the PDF into Photoshop. I get tons of this work each day and to do this adds twice the time to each job.

Any ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance!!!

Have you tried exporting the InDesign file to an EPS file format to see whether that fixes the problem…?

Try to print to a .ps file and see if that work. I have had problem printing to my plotter and .ps file were the fix

hello guys,
move in to onyx colormanagement and place the rendering intents of vector and image all the same. Most RIP’s have difficutlties handeling diffrent rendering intents for vector and image.

PDF documents contains sometimes vector( illustrator or indesign ) and image ( photoshop) items.

Hi Jens

Ive had similar problems before, see if this helps.

In the RIP, go to Setup>PostScript>Configure RIP, and check the box CCADL
this helps with PDF issues. also, set all rendering intents to perceptual, this should help too.

This worked for me, however I run Productionhouse 7.3 so no promises!!

good luck!

I found the following on Onyx’s support pages:

ONYX RIP Update for Version 7.3.2

ONYX has developed an optimized PDF and PostScript RIP update for Version 7.3.2. The update is focused on increasing overall RIP speed and resolving a number of postscript file processing issues.

The RIP speed optimization targets PDF processing time, improving file processing time by an average of 1015% and up to 50% on some files.

While 7.3.2 offers significant postscript file processing improvements we have received a number of new PDF files that did not process correctly in 7.3.2. This includes PDF files with multiple transparency effects implemented as alpha masks or in conjunction with named spot colors. These PDF transparency file issues, as well as other minor file issues are fixed in this RIP update. This means you dont need to convert files to TIFF before sending them to the RIP, which will save you valuable production time.

Download the ONYX 7.3.2. RIP Patch and technical release notes from the ONYX Download page.

onyxgfx.com/index.php?area=v … icle&id=35