Onyx Production House 7.x and separated PDF files?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to establish a way to better utilize white ink on our Oce Arizona 350GT, ideally I need to print a 5 colour seperated PDF from InDesign/Illustrator/Actobat and open it in Production house so that it recombines it into CMYK + White.

I have it all working perfectly, my PDF is fine, it rips error free, but when I hit ye olde ‘Print Now’ button, the progress bar runs right up to 100% then Production House crashes.

I have had it run right through once, and appear in the queue on the Arizona console… But that was it, once only.

Even trying to re-import the same file was a failure.

Has anyone got any advice on settings I should use when creating a separated PDF for this purpose? or advice on what might be causing the crash?


At 7:24 PM -0700 3/12/09, Prologica wrote:

sounds like a possible PDF corruption or at least some strange PDF innards that cause Production House to die.

Can you run the PDF through a utility like Enfocus to see if it is structured properly and if rewriting it to disk helps? I imagine that Acrobat can open it OK? Perhaps one of the compression setting in the PDF production is causing the problem. Perhaps you can create the PDF without any compression? fonts?

Otherwise I think that ONYX tech support should get a crack at the file to see if there’s a PH bug that needs addressing. At the very least PH shouldn’t choke to death on a PDF so there’s one bug they should fix :wink:



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How do you convert docx or Microsoft Word files to pdf files? I do NOT want to use any software or any websites. I just want to know if you can convert MS Word files to PDF files simply by using something from Microsoft Office. I have Microsoft Office 2007. Please, do not respond if you want to tell me a cool program or website that can do the conversion for me; i already know about those. Thanks.

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If you are on a Mac, cmd-P - then choose any of the PDF options at the bottom left of the print dialog (save, email, etc. etc.).