Onyx ProductionHouse 7 and Canon IPF 8100

Hey All,

I work for an image to canvas company and we’ve been using two IPF 8100’s printing directly from Photoshop. Recently we’ve obtained a trial of ONYX 7 to optimize our output and get consistent color.

The problem I’m having is Onyx won’t let me set jobs up to the absolute edge of a 44" roll. I understand that this is to prevent scumming at the edges of the media, however IPF 8100’s allow for borderless printing, and this lets us optimize our use of canvas. I’m wondering if anyone here knows how to get Onyx to print the full 44" capacity of the printer.

If anyone has some input, that’d be awesome!



Nope, but Ergosoft will. I have a 9100 and it works great. Profiling is easy too.

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