Optix XR: "Cannot create monitor profile" in advan

Monaco Optix XR Pro

Calibration screen:


When I try to save the profile I get the message “Cannot create monitor profile”, and some wording about checking all settings (I didn’t write down
the exact words).

This happens only in advanced mode, not in basic mode.

The monitor is a Sony CPD-G400

Any suggestions? Is there an Optix XR support email?

The fact that you’ve reached the ‘Create Profile’ stage is a good sign and usually means the measurement was good. So, the problem occurs at the ‘Save’ step of your process? Not sure what’s causing that… anyone?
Here are two suggestions for further support:


Phone: (206) 985-6837 Ext. #2


Phone: (888) 826-3059 (Customer Service

Hope that helps.

oRick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

On Sep 25, 2006, at 7:54 AM, jhg wrote:

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I’ve made a lot of progress.

First of all, I believe the problem was that the monitor wasn’t warmed up enough and was drifting during the calibration. I re-tried the calibration, including white-point setup, about half an hour later and during white-point setup got completely different monitor settings (lower brightness). I turned off the screen saver and auto power-off and tried again after a few hours and had no trouble that time.

However-- If I successfully generate a profile and then “Evaluate” the profile immediately afterwards I get an average dE value of 7.3, with some individual dE values as high as 16. I repeated the whole process (Calibrate, generate a new profile, then Evaluate) after several more hours and got almost exactly the same average dE value (about 7.3).

What does dE measure?

Is 7 OK or is it high?

What about a dE of 16 on a particular color?

Glad it is worked out, Jim.
Windows sometimes has a problem “hanging onto” the monitor profiles after they are supposedly set as the default profile. Using the Microsoft Color Control applet makes a lot of sense.

For those with a similar problem, Xrite support also recommended that we make sure the “Display Properties” windows are not left open. A Display Properties window left open will prevent the Xrite software from saving or setting in place the default profile.

For a description of Delta E, check out the glossary of the ColorWiki:

Egads. For a monitor profile, or any profile IMO, 7 delta E average is pretty poor. 16 for a max…again, poor. Might want to re-look at your profiling procedure carefully. What monitor are you using and are you sure that its stable?