OSX 10.6/Photoshop CS5/Epson 11880 Driver/V4 Profiles

Hi All

Firstly this may be a long post sorry but I want to give you as many details as I can.

I have come across an issue using V4 profiles. What is happening is there is a cast, like a paper white, printed on the outta part of the page size of an image. For example if I print an A4 onto a A3 page size the ‘white’ space around the A4 and out to the A3 size gets printed with a color cast as if its printing using Absolute Colormetic.
Here is some back ground info…

We were printing using Photoshop CS5 on OSX10.5 using an Epson 11880 and the V4 profiles that we created. We print using Photoshop to manage the colors and turn off the driver color management. We upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6, followed Epson’s directions regarding removing the old driver and installed the new one.
Now when printing, using our original V4 profile, the above mentioned color cast appears.
We have successfully run the old V4 profiles using both CS3 and CS5 and running on 10.5 for some time now.
We create the profiles using an EyeOne and Measure Tool. We then bring the measured chart into EyeOne Match to create the profile. Luckily we had the text data from our initial read and made a V2 profile. Which now has no cast but is slight less dense in the blacks. Or slightly less contrast.

I also tested the profiles using XP and CS5 without any casts or issues.

Ultimately, I guess my question(s) is, are there issues with V4 profiles with 10.6? And in layman’s terms, what are the differences between V2 and V4 profiles?

Yes, OS 10.6 was not handling version 4 profiles correctly when it first came out. I am not sure if that is still the case with the latest updates. (We have a regular policy to be cautious about upgrading to any new operating system update until we find out the problems with it.)

Here’s some information from X-Rite

We have also heard from customers about a similar scum dot in the white portions of images. In this case, they were using older OS’s like 10.4, and using CS5 with version 2 profiles, so I’m not really sure what might be going on there.