P2P26 & P2P27 targets.

I have the P2P25 and P2P51 targets but I don’t see the P2P26 & P2P27 targets for the Indigo and Wide Gamut printers on the Hutchcolor website, which Curve 3 lists as the place to go to find the various targets. Can someone point me in the right direction to find these targets and their respective reference files please? It did occur to me that maybe the P2P51 had superceded the need for these other targets and that would explain the difficulty I have had in locating them, if indeed this latest version has replaced the others? Advice on this matter, greatly appreciated.

Michael Lithgow

Good question!
The P2P26 and P2P27 have been superseded by the new P2P51.
So that’s the target to use going forward.
And for others reading this thread, the P2P51 is available at the Hutchcolor site at the bottom of the page for test targets and images.

Thanks Patrick for coming back to me on this matter.