Pantone evaluation of created profiles

Hi there,

does anyone know if there is a software which i can load my icc into and run a test against known values such as pantone references?
onyx has a facilty for this and gives Delta-e results, but i would like a stand alone version.

many thanks.

Can you be more specific in what you want to do? I’m assuming the pantone references you mention are Lab values. Are you wanting to convert from Lab to a destination space (RGB or CMYK) then back to Lab and compare delta values? ColorThink Pro can do that.

thanks for the reply.

yes the pantone references are lab values…

the way that the onyx one works is you right click the profile and i think if i remeber right its a gamut report on the icc.
this then lists the pantone colours and the delta-e that the coresponding profile edition would be.

it then breaks down the results for example and says that x% of pntone values are below delta-e >2 x% delta-e>5 x% delta-e>10.

hopefully this makes sense/

ColorThink will report deltas for each color individually, and of course graph a list, but won’t specifically report percentage at or below a given delta value (though you can get a decent visual at delta levels you define by sliders, or could export the deltas to Excel and crunch this). I’m not familiar with what other apps will report percentage this way…other than now Onyx. :wink:


could you give me an idea how to do this in colorthink? i am not familiar with the software.


Here is how you would do this in ColorThink Pro:

  • Open the worksheet and drag your Pantone color list onto it (or drag your Pantone color list into ColorThink and the worksheet will open automatically.)
  • Drag your printer profile onto the color list (This applies the transform to the colorlist.)
  • Drag your color list again onto the color list (This provides the reference to compare to.)
  • And click the dE button (To turn on deltaE)

Most of these options can be adjusted or changed, but by default you are viewing a comparison of your Lab Pantone list with the same colors as they will end up going through your printer (rel col and deltaE 2000).

The yellow-orange-red slider can be changed to present a different color for whatever you want your limits to be. For example if you want red to show up with dE’s larger than 6, you would move the slider to 6.

Any of these color lists on the worksheet can be exported as text files, so you can run them through Excel or a text editor.
You can also send them to the 3D grapher along with your profile, highlight individual colors to see where they lie in the color space… Oh brother, don’t get me started…