Photoshop CS5 and i1Publish multichannel profiles

This behavior has been consistent from the beginning with i1Publish, through 2 updates, and PS5, through a few updates, and remains the same with everything completely up to date.
PS5 has the ability to convert to a multichannel profile in the advanced dialogue box. It will preview there as well, until you actually convert. I’m not dependent on that preview nor aware of it’s usefulness… anyway, when the button is pushed… one winds up with a multichannel file, preview no longer in play.
I have used this to evaluate the O and G channel content of CMYKOG profile conversions, in an attempt to educate myself of the unpredictable and possibly useless O and G generation controls in i1Publish… that is another issue…
My real question is- why would some CMYKOG profiles be available in the convert to list in PS5 multichannel options, and not others? All profiles are made with the same software, opening them in Colorthink indicates no differences in tags or other concerns, all are v2 profiles. There is literally no detectable reason why Photoshop can see and use some of these, and not others.
Unfortunately my real issue is not this, but troubleshooting i1Publish completely on my own with no support whatsoever. But now facing the inability of PS to use some of these profiles puts that effort even farther behind.
Anyone with any clue about why Photoshop may be picky about some of these and not others would be very helpful.

At 7:37 PM -0700 10/19/11, TylerB wrote:

Our ColorCast technology can also be used with Photoshop for very accurate multichannel soft and hard proofing.

ColorCast (available as an add-on to ColorThink Pro) “embeds” the effect of proofing with n-color profiles into a normal RGB or CMYK device profile (each separation intent is available). The ColorCast device profile is easily used by Photoshop for soft proofing to screen or hard proofing to print with no plugins.

Tyler, I’d love to help you with your evaluation & trouble-shooting. If you’d like to contact us offline we can take a look at your profiles and see if there’s a way to aid in your battle. (obviously outside the scope of ColorCast)