Photoshop embedded color profile

I’m new here. I hope this is the right place to ask this.
I have a psd file, from a client, with an embedded color profile in it, that I don’t have.
More, the psd was produced on a mac (hence the color profile, Cinema Display Calibrated).
I’ve tried converting, discarding, etc, but I still can’t get the colors right 100% when I export images for web (24b png’s).
Does anybody know if it is possible to get 100% the same colors both on win and mac from a psd file with an embedded custom color profile?
Thank you.

Welcome. You’re in the perfect place for this and it’s a great question.

If the psd file you got actually has an embedded color profile in it, then you actually do have the profile - it’s embedded in the image file and it will be used by Photoshop to view your image to you. Unfortunately this embedded profile you got is most likely a default monitor profile that is created by the operating system to define in a general way your client’s monitor. Usually the purpose of embedding a profile is to identify the working space the client is in - something like AdobeRGB or sRGB. It’s not very helpful to include a monitor profile. I would recommend that you “un-assign” the profile in Photoshop so that you’re not using that one.

Check out color management myth #7: … Myths_6-10

How do you know the colors are not right when you are exporting to the web? Do the colors desaturate? If so, then my guess is that you are converting a well saturated image from AdobeRGB to sRGB and that will necessarily involve some desaturation.

As far as Mac vs. Win: Color management is made to be platform independent. In principle, you should have the same results whether you are working on a Mac or a Windows machine. In practice there are a lot of settings and a lot of different elements of a workflow that might explain why you are not getting the color that you expect.