please verify status of colorthink pro..


Pat, could you or Steve please verify the status of ColorThink Pro, as far as Windows compatibility? I see on the download page that only Windows 2000 and Windows XP are listed. I know that you guys have also said that CT Pro is not claimed to be compatible with Vista. I was told several months ago that it was iffy whether Vista support is forthcoming…

I feel that it’s fair to ask for some kind of clarification here, as Windows 2000 has long been supplanted by Windows XP, and Windows XP is no longer being sold at retail (as of June 30 2008). Windows Vista was released to the public more than 18 months ago, and Vista SP1 was released this past spring.

If it continues to be the case that for the forseeable future, only Win2K and XP are supported, then it seems to me that ColorThink Pro is now “de facto” kind of an orphan product. This would be a sad thing from my POV, as it was really a very helpful tool for me. (that is, back in Windows XP. I am no longer actively using CT Pro, due to bad rendering glitches in the a-b plane that I reported several months ago, which to my knowledge remain unaddressed.)

Any comments appreciated,


For what it’s worth, I’ve been using ColorThink Pro on VISTA Ultimate x64 since VISTA first hit the street.

ColorThink Pro has worked well for me in spite of VISTA’s quirkiness. :wink:

Hope that helps a bit.

BTW, Genuine Versions of Windows XP Pro continue to be widely available from online resellers.

Ease up on the fellows, Brad. They’re doing their best.


Thanks for your post. I’m glad to hear you’ve been having no problems.

Ease up on the fellows, Brad. They’re doing their best.

I didn’t realize I was coming down hard on anybody. My apologies if anyone was offended. I hope you can understand my POV, though: I was told in spring 2008, post-Vista SP1, that I shouldn’t expect any support for problems in CT Pro under Vista Ultimate x64…

Again, I’m just asking-- isn’t it a fair question? – has there been any change or expected change in the product compatibility status?


Actually, ColorThink Pro works just fine on Vista although we haven’t tested it on all versions of Vista yet. Perhaps that’s why it’s not listed on the official webpage yet.
From what I hear, it also might work for several versions of the 64-bit Vista, except for yours, where you get that jagged projection outline. We haven’t been able to fully test it on all versions of that yet either. So when someone asks about that platform, I have to tell them honestly - “Well we haven’t fully tested it yet…”

ColorThink is about as far from an orphaned product as it could be. We are fully committed to supporting it in the future and even have several new features up our sleeve for the next version.