point labels and axis labels for Yxy graph


I’m plotting points on a Yxy graph and wanted to know if there is a way to have the name of the point appear next to that point on the graph. Also, is it possible to have the x and y axis numerically labeled? I’m using ColorThinkPro3.0.



Hi Alicia,

If you are using the original 3.0 version, we highly recommend that you download, install and use the latest beta from our website. The newer beta versions are faster, more robust, are updated for operating system changes, etc. Download it here:

Meanwhile, I think we have a way to get you what you need.

  • If your points are already in a color list, then open it in the Worksheet,
  • Choose Graph List from the options under the color list header
  • Choose the Yxy coordinates in the graph control window since you are working with Yxy.
  • Arrange the graph window and the color list window so they are side-by-side,
  • In the Worksheet, highlight two of the points you wish to locate.
  • These will show up in the Grapher as a line segment connecting the two points. The Worksheet color list will show the “name” of the points as well as the Yxy coordinates, and the line segment will identify where they show up in the grapher. At this point in time, there is no way to highlight just one point using Yxy. Also be aware that this has uncovered a bug in the present version, so a future version will probably be showing you crosshairs or “X”'s instead of line segments!

If you were working in Lab space, we have a procedure that covers this in a more straightforward way:

What an interesting need you have! Let me know if this helps.