Possibly export the 3D models?

It would be handy if we could export the 3D models created for profile viewing.

VRML, X3D, or Collada (.dae) would be great (all are text formats with simple face/object color available).

We have had some feature requests for exporting the 3D graphs in a format like Collada. Your request will add all the more weight to this need. We’ll be researching how to make this happen for a future version of ColorThink.

We’re trying to figure out how people will use this 3D modeling? Would it be just for inclusion in iBooks, or are there other uses?

I’ve used the graphing feature in ColorThink in many presentations to illustrate a point about an ink choice or process variable that I think needs improved. I successfully used it to fend off an ink supplier who was attempting to force their product into our plant via the purchasing department.

This is a little cumbersome, not because of the software but because it breaks up the flow of a presentation and inevitably I get questions distracting from the point I’m trying to make.

The ability to export 3D models would allow me to put them in a CAD program so I could animate them. An animation in a presentation gets a nice “oooohhhh, aaaaahhhh” reaction, which is better than “oh wait, I need to close PowerPoint and open X… talk amongst yourselves…”