Print Standardisation

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We are currently undertaking a ‘standisation of Sheet Fed Print’ programme.

Our work split is 60% Greeting Cards / 40% Commercial Print. What we will do is take fogra as our commercial standard. bring all presses into line with fogra dot gains spec, implementing good process control on press and prepress - i think i have clear understanding of what to do on commercial print or do I ?

The question is 'How do i standardise greetings Cards ?

Is there a print standard for ‘Greeting Cards’ i dont think there is. Greeting cards Boards can be so different to commercial papers.

I had a thought of maybe banding the greeting cards material ie coated in band 1, uncoated in band 2, felt boards in band 3, and creating press curves curve and profiles for each boards - therefore creating our own inhouse standard.

Then it raising the question of how do i band the material - people talk about substrate aborbancy - whats that mean ? , also, How do i work out the optimal LAB Values for those subtrates ?

I hope iam making sense - any information would help

Any guidelines would be a of great help