Printer Profile Test Image

Hey, I want to print out a test image on my knewly profiled printer. I was wondering if it is important to print an image that doesn’t have a profile embedded, or is that not a problem? Or if there is an embedded profile, is is ok if I just don’t color manage it?

I seems like If there is a profile embedded, even if I tell it not to color manage in photoshop, it might color manage itself when I print.


Hi brandon,

I’m not sure I understand exactly what it is you’re asking. Most any printer/profile test image you download from the usual suspects are going to have an embedded profile, be it sRGB, Adobe RGB, Colormatch RGB, etc. A good starting place would be either the CTI test image, Bill Atkinson’s test image, Getty Images test image, evaluation image, etc.

As to the image colour managing itself when you print, what do you mean? The only colour management that goes on is what the user selects in one’s settings, so if you turn it off (in all the right places :wink:), it’s off. If you want the image to be colour managed, select “Let Photoshop determine colours” in PS & select ICM/No Colour Management/Off in your printer driver.

Hope that helps.