Printer Profiling For black and white Photography printing

Hello everyone,

I have been struggling for some time in printing a fine black and white picture. I usually get a magenta, or green color cast when i print, therefor i always have to go back to photoshop fix the whites and print again until i get good results in treys.

Wether i am using CMYKRGB icc printer profile or RGB ( halftone or con tone etc…) i always get a color cast over the print. My question is what is the best procedure to go through in order to get Pretty Close result from the first time.
I am using Ergosoft studio print Rip, Cannon ipf9100, epson 9900 and Hp z3200 printers.

I create multichannel profiles and RGB profiles on Ergosoft, in multichannel profiles sometimes i get good results but with black bronzing i tried to lower the black channel but it didn’t work out.
Appreciate your help.


Have you tried simply just using your printer’s built-in B&W mode? Specifically, with an Epson printer, one can profile the B&W mode using QuadTone RIP and obtain excellent results with very little, if any colour casts as you mentioned you’re experiencing.

It really seems rather illogical to be struggling with RGB or multichannel profiles when all the printers you use have their own built-in B&W modes, all of which are known to work very well. Epson’s 3880 printers are more than capable of producing B&W output of the very highest degree, exhibition/gallery quality output, which is good enough for some of the worlds greatest living photographers are more than happy to use for their printed output for both exhibitions and customer sales. And that’s all done using the standard Windows/Mac driver and no RIP or complicated profiling procedures necessary.

Hope that gives you somewhere to start. Check out QuadTone RIP and give it a try with your 9900 - I’m sure you will be extremely happy with the performance of the standard driver and the built-in B&W mode.