Printer profiling

Ok, been a while since I did this so does this sound correct?

We’ve been printing to G7 on press and using the standard Gracol profiles for cmyk separation going to press and as input/emulation profile in our proofing rip printing to an HP Z2100 with HP paper and their presets in the printer and calibration with the embedded spectro. Everything matches pretty well, closer than I could get doing custom profiling of the printer, well then HP discontinued their 24" size of semi-gloss proofing paper and now the 24" size of high gloss proofing paper. So it seems I will need to use someone else’s paper and profile accordingly.

So, if we use another semigloss, I print out the target on the new paper with CM turned off, measure that, then patch that measurement file with the HP Semigloss profile in the rip. Turn CM back on, use my same G7 profile as input or emulation and the new paper type created by patching the profile and all should be ok right? This never seems to match as well as using their paper and standard built-in presets. Am I doing something wrong?

Long post, i know, but at the same time we are trialing FM screening and that is going well. I wanted to build a custom profile for proofing it to the press as people say the standard G7 profile will not match the FM press sheet, is that the case from your all’s experience?


Why patch the new paper’s target measurements to a profile for a different paper? Presumably you’d have different ink limits, black generation, etc, so why not just build a completely new profile from scratch for the new paper? It doesn’t make sense to me to try to patch measurements from one type of paper into a profile for a different type of paper. Or am I missing something here?

What RIP & profiling apps are you using?