PRINTING Bug in Photoshop 9.0.1

If you’re on a Mac, using OS X 10.4 be very careful NOT to upgrade to Photoshop 9.0.1 as there’s a bug in the print engine. If you output any targets to measure, you’ll get a pretty messed up profile. Naturally if you output anything else with or without a profile, you’ll see some areas of posterization. HP and Epson users have all reported issues. Adobe is trying to get Apple to fix this issue. Stay tuned…

Hi Andrew,

Where is there more info on this? I checked adobe forums and don’t see anything on it… Can you share more details of what to look out for? How to check if I am effected by it?


has a pretty good description of the problem and a workaround.

You can also reinstall Photoshop CS2 without the update or CS just for printing and use the 9.0.1 update for other work. Obviously don’t run them at the same time!