Printing targets - what software to use

I need to redo my profiles, and, having assumed that all was well with printing on Apple now. I have either used i1Profiler or Colorburst Overdrive with CM off to print them. The profiles look fine but I am finding that my 3880 looks a little darker than what the 3800 produced. Reading a few posts at LuLa, I started to wonder if it is still necessary to use ACPU.

i1Profiler or Overdrive with CM off should work fine for printing out the profiling targets. Adobe Color Print Utility is really only needed as an alternative to using Photoshop and the like that wont allow you to print without color management.

I took a look at the profile gamuts of the 3800 and the 3880 and did not see any difference in blacks. I was just checking to see if there might be a reason youd be seeing more contrast (which sometimes is reported as being dark.) But theres no difference there. The 3880 has a larger gamut in the saturated colors.

A couple things to try would be what we call the yellow square test to make sure theres no CM going on in the printing of the targets: … management

You might also try this if youre on a Mac:

Thanks Pat. It’s great to get confirmation. I’ve tried the yellow square test and I get 255,255,0. Just about everything has changed so comparisons are difficult. My old profiles were made with the CB Spectralvision software, the 3800 has gone, andI’ve changed my display to 80 from 90 recently. I built these profiles with an i1Pro non UV while my old profiles were built with a UV etc. I also now have a Pro2.

I’m happy with the results for now. When I get my i1io back from its upgrade, I will rescan the targets and see if there is a difference.

Thanks again. I know that I can always count on you for excellent advice.