Problem opening profiles

I am running windows 7 x64 and whenever I try to open any profile(tried the demo ones, the system ones, including srgb/adobe rgb1998) I get the following:

I tried various compatibility modes, but no help, any idea?

No ideas, but I’m seeing exactly the same thing.

Which versions of ColorThink are you all using?

Mine just says “Pro3.0”, but I only downloaded it a couple weeks ago. I had it installed on a machine that hasn’t even been turned on in years. I just set up this Win7 64-bit box a couple weeks ago and decided to put it on here.

Ah. The original 3.0 Windows version was developed for XP. We’ve rolled updates for the newer operating systems into the latest beta versions as well as improved speed and stability. So if you are not using the latest beta version of CTP (Version 3.0.1 beta23), we highly recommend that everyone do so. Even for people who are hesitant to try a software that is listed as “beta” - this really is a faster and more stable product than the original, and that’s why we make it publicly available. It is downloadable from our website:

Thanks, the beta works great!