Problem with deleting and copying tags

I use ColorThink Pro 3 under Windows XP.
I cannot delete tags in profiles or copy tags from profile to profile.
Anyone else seem to have this issue?

This process should work just fine on the latest beta (Version 3.0.1 beta23). Are you using the latest beta or are you using the original 3.0 version?

The colorwiki manual gives specifics about how to move or delete tags:

Note that the profile will have to be saved, closed and re-opened in order for a change like this to be seen.

I have read that article and I use Version 3.0.1 beta23, but… - tags deteling (or/and copying) does not work under Windows XP. I have tryed on another XP computer - issue is the same - tags deleting does not work.

I tried it out just now and I found that moving tags from one profile to another works fine, and deleting tags does not work on the Windows version.

I’ll explain the procedure I use to copy tags, and you can see if this works for you.

  • Open 2 profiles in Profile Inspector
  • Open them to the tag tables
  • Click on a tag to be copied and click & drag it to the list of tags in the second profile (release)
  • If you are copying a tag that already exists, a dialog box comes up asking you to confirm that you want to replace the current tag.
  • If you are copying a tag that does not already exist in that profile, it will merely be deposited in that tag table.
  • Go to File > Save Changes to save these changes in the profile.

I will put in a feedback item for the issue with deleting tags.