Problem (?) with Eizo CE240w Calibration

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum, and am looking for help.

I have an Eizo CE240W monitor and my system runs Windows XP. For calibration I use Eizo’s Colornavigator software and a Spyder2 sensor. The calibration procedure works fine . At the end, when prompted, I save the new profile and designate it as the default profile in the control panel.

The next time I start up my computer I get a message saying that I have exceeded the calibration period and to please calibrate the monitor (even though I just completed a calibration). I get a separate message that says that the default profile does not have any calibration data in it (error 1168). I also get that message if I try to switch to another (any) profile.

Upon advice from Eizo Tech Support I installed their latest monitor driver, but this did not solve the problem.

I played with the Assign Profile command in Photoshop. Assigning different profiles to an image (including the calibration profile) results in visible changes on the screen suggesting that the profiles must have data in them. So I am thinking maybe everything is just fine, and what’s erroneous is not the calibration or the profiles, but the various messages .

Any thoughts anyone? Thanks for your help.


Maybe you have already done this… have you tested or verified to make sure that your newly created CE240W profile is actually being applied as the default profile in your XP system?

It almostsoundslike your system is not accepting it or that the system is not updating with the new profile.

Just a thought…

oRick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

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Just check the OS permissions like the user rights


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