Problems Profiling Epson R1800 with i1 - blues are violet

I’ve been struggling trying to create an accurate printer profile for an Epson R1800. Am using i1match v3.6.2 and the 918 patch target. I’ve tried two papers, an Ilford gloss and lustre and each and every profile has a color shift of the blues to purple. It isn’t a printer issue and I’ve downloaded the canned profiles from Ilford and they are spot on.

Apart from a lot of wasted paper and ink, I’m no closer. Is this even possible with the i1? Should I be omitting the gloss optimizer from the test targets? I thought if anything this was supposed to reduce metamerism.

Any thoughts?

GMB profiles put a little too much magenta in the blues and skin tones. If you generated your profile in Monaco Profiler I bet the problem would go away and you’d like the overall results.

If you don’t want to buy the software (and now isn’t a good time to do so) you could measure a 1728 RGB target (like Bill Atkinson’s) using XRite’s free Colorport application, save as CGATS and email the CGATS files to someone with MP for remote profile generation. Hope that helps…

That’s a good idea.

It is also possible to “fool” i1Match into using a different (bigger) target than the ones that come with the software.

There’s a ColorWiki article on that here:

The 1800 has a pretty big gamut. It is possible that what you are seeing is a result of the way Lab space is warped. If so, you might also be seeing bright yellows turn to green and reds turn to orange. Doing a “hue shift” edit is a simple edit to do with a good profile editor like Monaco’s or ProfileMaker. If you can’t find anyone with this software to help you, contact us and we can do it for a small fee.