Problems with profiling epson using PM5

I have several questions regarding profiling a printer. Firstly I printed a chart with Photoshop without any color management options. I’ve measured it and compared to the reference chart. The delta E was almost 400. Than I thought that there is a lot of room for improvement with profile. However after creating a profile, printing a chart with it and comparing it the delta E was still extremely high.

I tried measuring a blank sheet of paper and comparing it against paper white reference file. The delta E is still almost 400.

Therefore my questions are:

  • what am I doing wrong:) - my point is reaching as low delta E while comparing the print to the reference as possible?
  • I’ve read and experimented a little and see that Logo Colorful gives best results
  • what about the paper colored grey or neutral grey?
  • also when I printed a chart with a profile which rendering intent should I choose? Perceptual gives the best white but some colors seem to random.

I know that my post is pretty random but will be very thankful for any help.