Profile for Epson R3000 and Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl

My father has kindly offered to do some printing for me, I want to be sure the colours are accurate and as we live in differing countries I understand the best thing to do is for him to have his computer profiled for the chosen printer and paper. I’m using Lightroom 4 so as I understand it I can use those profiles in L4 to check if my colour is within gamut. Providing my monitor is calibrated I should get an accurate print.

Am I correct in this assumption?

Many thanks.

  • If the main thing you want is to make sure his output is accurate, then he needs an accurate printer profile for his printer and paper.
  • I am assuming that your father has some kind of software that allows him to make use of printer profiles (like Photoshop).
  • If you want to view the images accurately, then you would want to have your monitor properly calibrated and profiled. If you have your father’s printer profile, then you can plug that into your Lightroom 4 and soft-proof so that you will see what the prints will look like when they are printed on his system.

I think this is basically what you’re proposing … in different words!