Profile Maker 5

Hi all,
I am new in profile maker 5 i work before with Monaco.
how i can add the linearization to the .icc profile is to diferent in Profile maker?
any one have a tutorial for profiling printers in maker 5?

I am familiar with the Monaco method of linearizing a test chart before profiling. Is that what you’re talking about? ProfileMaker does not have this same function. The testchart generator in MeasureTool does create and measure linearization charts, but they are intended as a means of bringing an existing profile back into line with a small number of patches. This is what they call “post-linearization”.

It could be argued that the Monaco method of pre-linearizing a profiling target is not really necessary. If you are creating RGB profiles, then the media setting you choose in your driver will go a long way toward linearizing your output. If you are making CMYK profiles, then you are working with a RIP which would have its own linearization procedure.

There is not a good tutorial for how to use ProfileMaker unfortunately. You can use the help menus to get a lot of information, including how to use the post-linearization tool in Profile Editor.

Thanks Patrick,
Really good information!!!
I profiling in cmyk for wide formats printer and some rips like wasatch is very bad to linearized or no detect the I1 pro.

With Monaco i can linearized and characterize in the same profile.

The problem in if i no linearized before characterize in a example dgi, roland and wide printers the characterize patch is correctly printing and reading?

If not.
What tool i can buy for read density and chroma, linearize and characterized?