Profile Medic unexpected error - Mac

Recently, several of our alert users have noticed that the Profile Medic function in ColorThink Pro is stopping when it gets to a certain profile. If you are running the Profile Medic and get an error message stating “Out of bounds,” or “Error n01” - all you need to do is remove this one profile and the software will function normally.

The profile’s internal name is “Black & White.icc” and its filename is “BlackWhite.icc”. Remove this profile from the profile folder it resides in (for example move it out onto your desktop), and your Profile Medic will function normally.

Macintosh HD:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Color:Profiles:BlackWhite.icc

(Note that this is a version 4, “gray” profile that’s causing this problem. There is also an earlier, version 2, abstract profile called Black & White which works fine.)

In the meantime we will work on fixing this issue in ColorThink, and incorporate that into a new beta, coming up soon!